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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Apparently the TV networks are concerned about their poor performance in the new TV season. In particularly, their poor performance among males age 18-34. This should really come as no surprise, since Hollywood has long abandoned that segment of the TV audience. Starting in the '90s, network executives noticed that women watched more TV than men. It was, in particular, increased competition from game consoles and the internet that led to the decline in viewing habits. In response the networks increasingly targeted women to the exclusion of men in their programming. During the '90s this subtle shift went almost unnoticed as kinder, more sensitive men in dramas, and stupid, lewd men in sitcoms increasingly dominated the scene, while lead strong, assertive roles were increasingly given to women. In the political correct '90s this was accepted without much demurring. A generation of young men started to grow up with an almost complete lack of strong male role models to imitate. 9-11 changed all that: suddenly there are a plethora of male role models available to the youth of today in the form of firemen, policemen, soldiers, sailors, and marines. Leaders like George W. Bush, Rudy Giuliani, and Donald Rumsfeld, who Molly Ivins, once called Rip-Van-Rummy, so archaic did his masculinity seem to her. While young men increasingly take account of these role models, they find nothing equitable represented on TV today. The liberal Hollywood elite has so disavowed the typically male role as chauvinistic that they are unable to readjust to the new realities. Hence, young men have chosen to simply tune out TV completely.


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