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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Iran watch:

Strategypage reports that Iran is trying to increase the islamic militia to over 1 million men.

The government will try to increase it's militia of Islamic conservative gunmen (the Basij) to over a million men, with the formation of 2,000 battalions. They may not be able to get that many volunteers, but it certainly shows the government is willing to fight to maintain power. The Islamic conservatives believe they have the moderates and reformers (who comprise, according to opinion and election polls, some 80 percent of the population) on the run. The Islamic conservatives are willing to fight to maintain control of the government, and their opponents, at least so far, are not.

Several Islamic radical factions are able to operate freely by the government. Some of these groups encourage, fund and arm Islamic conservative Shia Arab groups in southern Iraq. Others provide shelter for al Qaeda leaders looking for a place to hide. Still others support Islamic terror groups operating in and around Israel.

Is Iran boosting the militia in expectation of an attack or to keep their population in line?


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