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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Kashmir earthquake unexpected consequences?

According to German magazine Focus the last time Bin Laden was sighted last week ago he was in the very region hit by the earthquake. It might be that nature has done what our best efforts to date have not been able to accomplish and killed Bin Laden.

The Washington Times meanwhile speculates over the possible positive side effect relief efforts by the US could have:

In the South Asian tsunami that struck Dec. 26, diplomats said the media images of U.S. soldiers and sailors distributing aid to stricken areas gave a much-needed boost to America's image in the region. In heavily Muslim Indonesia, for example, just 15 percent of the population held a favorable view of U.S. foreign policy in 2003, according to a Pew Research Center survey. The numbers reflected in large part opposition to the war in Iraq and strong U.S. backing for Israel. But a Pew survey this year found that favorable views of the United States had more than doubled to 38 percent. About 79 percent of Indonesians polled said the U.S. response had improved their feelings toward America.
U.S. officials face a similar public diplomacy challenge in Pakistan. Just 23 percent of Pakistanis polled earlier this year had a favorable opinion of the United States, while 51 percent of Pakistanis said they would "have confidence" in bin Laden as a world leader.

We should intensify our relief efforts in Pakistan by sending a much larger military and humanitarian relief effort to the region. Not only would it boost our image in this region, our presents and accumulated goodwill could lead directly to developing intelligence sources necessary to capture or kill Bin Laden if he survived the earthquake


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