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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

It has been a long time since I last updated my blog, and since someone reminded me to do so, well, here it goes:

Today, Ricin was found in Bill Frist's office. Some of you may remember that Ricin was found in London last year. That Ricin was traced back to Answar Al-Islam, the Iraqi branch of Al Qaeda.

This from CNN is interesting:

U.S. troops in Iraq have found 300 bags of a type of bean used to produce a deadly poison, U.S. officials said. The discovery was made in a former brake fluid plant. The bags of castor beans were marked "urea," which is a fertilizer compound. Castor beans are used in the production of ricin, a poison that can be used in biological weapons. U.S. officials said the discovery is under investigation.

So Iraq had 300 bags of Ricin hidden and mislabeled in their possession. Answar Al-Islam, a branch of Al Qaeda located in northern Iraq, had ricin poison, which is made of castor beans, in their possession. Ricin pops up in London and D.C.

Anyone else care to connect the dots?


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