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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Election '08 - Mitt, the Massachusetts Mormon.

Can a Mormon from Massachusetts win the nomination for the GOP? What seems like an unlikely proposition at first has indeed become a possibility for '08. Ever since Romney decided to forsake seeking reelection as Governor of Massachusetts he has been reposition himself solidly on the conservative right. His ability to succeed to define himself as a movement conservative will most likely determine his potential for success.

Despite his handicap he brings certain strengths that could help him win the nomination. Being Governor of Massachusetts should help him in the first in the nation primary in neighboring New Hampshire, where he receives a lot of positive coverage without having to spend a dime due to the close proximity. He also enjoys high name recognition in the early primary state of Michigan, where his father George W. Romney was once Governor. Combine this dual home turf advantage with his charisma and record of competence as both Governor and as the former manager of the Salt Lake Olympics and you have a package that could be very successful, and even overcome the handicap of being a Mormon from Massachusetts.


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